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  • 2023
    Sustainable Bioaromatics from Sapium Oil over Encaged AlPO4 Zeolite Material: A Feasibility Study, Omvir Singh, Akshata Vijay Ramteke, Bhanu Joshi, Bhanu Prasad Vempatapu, Kamal Kishore Pant, Anjan Ray, and Bipul Sarkar, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, [HTML] Production of Acrylic Acid from Bio-Derived Lactic acid over a Defect-Rich Molybdenum Phosphosulfide Catalyst, Neha Dhiman, Sudhakara Reddy Yenumala, Deepti Agrawal, Ankit Pandey, Jyoti Porwal, Bipul Sarkar, Chemical Engineering Journal, 466 (2023) 143240 [HTML] Sustainable Production of Styrene from Catalytic Recycling of Polystyrene over Potassium Promoted Fe-Al2O3 Catalyst, Bhanu Joshi, Himanshu Raghav, Ankit Agrawal, Bhanu Vempatapu, Anjan Ray, Bipul Sarkar, Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2023,7, 1256-1264 [HTML] Catalytic Cracking of Yeast Borne Single Cell Oil for the Production of Small-Chain Olefins over PtSn/Alumina Catalyst, Ankit Agrawal, Neha Bansal, Himanshu Raghav, Arijit Jana, Reena Goyal, Debashish Ghosh, Thallada Bhaskar, Bipul Sarkar, Green Chemistry, 25 (2023) 728-735. [HTML]
  • 2022
    Low-temperature selective production of propylene from non-oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over unconventional Zr/ZK-5 catalysts, Ankit Agrawal, Omvir Singh, B Moses Abraham, Sudhakara Reddy Yenumala, Anjan Ray, Bipul Sarkar, Fuel Processing Technology, 235 (2022) 107362. [HTML]​ Low-Temperature Nonoxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane over Sn-promoted Mo-Y Zeolite: Catalytic performance and nature of the active sites, Ankit Agrawal, Omvir Singh, Ashok Kumar Yadav, Shailendra Tripathi, Anjan Ray, Vivek Pawar, Bipul Sarkar, Fuel, 323 (2022) 124350. [HTML] A Comprehensive Review on the Synthesis Techniques of Porous Materials for Gas Separation and Catalysis, Vikrant Sharma, Ankit Agrawal, Omvir Singh, Reena Goyal, Bipul Sarkar, Navin Gopinathan, Sarang P Gumfekar, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, (2022), 100, 2022, 2653–2681. [HTML] Gasification of hydrolysis lignin with CO2 in the presence of Fe and Co compounds, Artem A Medvedev, Alexander L Kustov, Daria A Beldova, Alexei V Kravtsov, Konstantin B Kalmykov, Bipul Sarkar, Egor M Kostyukhin, Leonid M Kustov, Mendeleev Communications, 32 (2022) 402-404. [HTML] Integration of Zeolite@Metal–Organic Framework: A Composite Catalyst for Isopropyl Alcohol Conversion to Aromatics, Omvir Singh, Ankit Agrawal, B. Moses Abraham, Reena Goyal, Chandrashekar Pendem, B. Sarkar, Materials Today Chemistry, 24 (2022) 100796. [HTML] Process development for crystalline xylitol production from corncob biomass by Pichia caribbica, A.S. Diptarka Dasgupta, Bipul Sarkar, Snehal More, DebashishGhosh, Thallada Bhaskar, Anjan Ray, Food and Bioproducts Processing, 133 (2022) 45. [HTML​] Encaged Cu2+/Co2+ zeolite materials: Efficient and reusable catalysts for oxidation of phenol, K. Akinlolu, B. Joshi, H. Raghav, P. Rawat, M. Kumar, B. Sarkar, S. Tripathi, Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 5 (2022) 100310. [HTML​] Process development for detoxification of corncob hydrolysate using activated charcoal for xylitol production, V. Ahuja, S. Kshirsagar, P. Ghosh, B. Sarkar, A. Sutar, S. More, D. Dasgupta, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10 (2022) 107097. [HTML​]
  • 2021
    Production of renewable aromatics from jatropha oil over multifunctional ZnCo/ZSM-5 catalysts, O. Singh, A. Agrawal, N. Dhiman, B.P. Vempatapu, K. Chiang, S. Tripathi, B. Sarkar, Renewable Energy, 179 (2021) 2124-2135. [HTML​] Enhanced CO2 utilization via methane tri-reforming over Ru incorporated Co/MgO-Al2O3 catalyst: Influence of La and Ce promoters, K.L. Kumar, B.N. Naidu, B. Sarkar, P. Mondal, K. Ghosh, V. Prasad, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9 (2021) 105949. [HTML​] Zeolite-Y Encapsulated Copper (II) and Cobalt (II) Species as Hybrid Nano-catalysts: Structural and Catalytic Aspects, K Akinlolu, H.R., B. Joshi, M. Kumar, B. Sarkar, S. Tripathi, Journal of Catalyst & Catalysis, 8 (2021) 19-33. [HTML​] Fe-decorated hierarchical molybdenum carbide for direct conversion of CO2 into ethylene: Tailoring activity and stability, H. Raghav, L.N.S.K., N. Mishra,B. Joshi, R. Goyal, A. Agrawal, B. Sarkar, Journal of CO2 Utilization, 50 (2021) 101607. [HTML​] Synthesis of sub-nanometric Cu2O catalysts for Pd-free C–C coupling reactions, A. Agrawal, R. Goyal, B.M. Abraham, O. Singh, S. Tripathi, M.K. Poddar, R. Bal, B. Sarkar, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 6 (2021) 929-936. [HTML​]
  • 2020
    Dehydrogenation of propane in the presence of CO2 on Cr (3%)/SiO2 catalyst under supercritical conditions, M.A. Tedeeva, A.L. Kustov, P.V. Pribytkov, N.D. Evdokimenko, B. Sarkar, L.M. Kustov, Mendeleev Communications, 30 (2020) 195-197. [HTML​​] Renewable Aromatics from Tree-Borne Oils over Zeolite Catalyst Promoted by Transition Metals, O. Singh, A. Agrawal, T. Selvaraj, I. Ghosh, B.P. Vempatapu, B. Viswanathan, R. Bal, B. Sarkar, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2020). [HTML​​] ​Advantages and limitations of catalytic oxidation with hydrogen peroxide: from bulk chemicals to lab scale process, R. Goyal, O. Singh, A. Agrawal, C. Samanta, B. Sarkar, Catalysis Reviews, (2020) 1-57. [HTML​​] ​​CNx stabilized Ni-Ga nanoparticles for CO2 hydrogenation: Role of preparation methods, R. Goyal, W. J. Lee, S. Sameer, B. Sarkar, K. Chiang, A. Bordoloi, Catalysis Today, 2020, 343, 48-55. [HTML​​]
  • 2019
    Converting Lignocellulosic Pentosan-Derived Yeast Single Cell Oil into Aromatics: Biomass to Bio-BTX, Omvir Singh, Tripti Sharma, Indrajit Ghosh, Diptarka Dasgupta, Bhanu Prasad Vempatapu, Saugata Hazra, Alexander L Kustov, Bipul Sarkar, Debashish Ghosh, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 7 (15), 2019, 13437–13445 [HTML] Ag and WOx Nanoparticles Embedded in Mesoporous SiO2 for Cyclohexane Oxidation, Reena Goyal, Bipul Sarkar, Siddharth Sameer, Arijit Bag, Ankur Bordoloi, ACS Appl. Nano Mater., 2019, 2, 9, 5989-5999. [HTML​​]
  • 2018
    Supercritical methanol as an effective medium for producing asphaltenes-free light fraction oil from vacuum residue, W. Kwek, M. K. Khan, B. Sarkar, J. Kim, J. Supercritical Fluids, 2018, 133, 184-191. [HTML​​] ​K-Promoted Pt-Hydrotalcite catalyst for production of H2 by Aqueous phase reforming of Glycerol, C Pendem, B Sarkar, N Siddiqui, LNSK Konathala, C Baskar, R Bal, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2018, 6 (2), 2122–2131. [HTML​​]
  • 2017
    Synthesis of AgWCNx nanocomposite for one-step conversion of Cyclohexene to Adipic Acid and its mechanistic studies, R. Goyal, S. Sameer, B. Sarkar, A. Bag, N. Singhal, A. Bordoloi, Chem. Eur. J., 2017, 23, 16555-16563. [HTML​​​] ​Role of pyridinic-nitrogen on base catalyzed Knoevenagel condensation over pristine CNx, R. Goyal, B. Sarkar, S. Sameer, N. Singhal, A. Bordoloi, ChemistrySelect, 2017, 2, 8086-8071. [HTML​​​] ​Effective vacuum residue upgrading using sacrificial nickel(II) dimethylglyoxime complex in supercritical methanol, B. Sarkar, W. Kwek, D. Verma, J Kim, Appl. Catal. A: Gen, 2017, 545, 148-158. [HTML​​​] ​MoO3 Nanoclusters Decorated on TiO2 Nanorods for Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene. B. Sarkar, R. Goyal, L.N.S. Konathala, C. Pendem, T. Sasaki, R. Bal, Appl. Catal. B: Env, 2017, 217, 637-649. [HTML​​​] ​Simultaneous breaking and conversion of petroleum emulsions into synthetic crude oil with low impurities. M. K. Khan, B. Sarkar, H. Zeb, M. Yi, J. Kim, Fuel, 2017, 199, 135-144. [HTML​​​] ​Highly selective transfer hydrogenation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds using Cu based nanocatalysts. N. Siddiqui, B. Sarkar, C. Pendem, R. Khatun, L.N.S. Sivakumar, A. Bordoloi, T. Sasaki, R. Bal, Catal. Sci. Technol., 2017, 7, 2828-2837. [HTML​​​] ​A Non-Catalytic, Supercritical Methanol Route for Producing High-Yield Saturated and Aromatic Compounds from De-oiled Asphaltenes. W. Kwek, M. K. Khan, B. Sarkar, R. Insyani, M. Yi, J. Kim, J. Supercritical Fluids, 2017, 120, 140-150. [HTML​​​]
  • 2023
    Co-production of propylene and methanol via oxidative dehydrogenation of propane using Co2 as a soft oxidant, Bipul Sarkar, Himanshu Raghav, Anjan Ray, Ankit Agrawal, Bhanu Joshi, Sanat Kumar, Patent App. 0074NF2023, 2023.
  • 2022
    A catalytic process for the production of aromatic hydrocarbons from used cooking oil, Bipul Sarkar, Omvir Singh, Ankit Agrawal, Bhanu Prasad Vempatapu, Jagdish Kumar, Sanat Kumar, Anjan Ray, Patent App. 0140NF2022, 2022. ​An improved process and catalyst for low temperature non-oxidative dehydrogenation of propane to propylene, B. Sarkar, A. Agrawal, O. Singh, I. K. Ghosh, S. Tripathi, S. Kumar, A. Ray, Patent App. 17/365,504, 2022. [HTML​​​​​]
  • 2012-2021
    ​Process for the preparation of Cu-Cr oxides for selective oxidation reactions. R. Bal, B. Sarkar, S. S. Acharyya, S. Ghosh, C. Pendem, J. Kumar, US Patent No. US 20130085305 A1. [HTML​​​​​] ​Process for the selective hydroxylation of benzene with molecular oxygen. R. Bal, S. S. Acharyya, S. Ghosh, B. Sarkar, K. S. Rawat, C. Pendem, US Patent No. US 20130096351 A1. [HTML​​​​​] ​A process for preparation of ag-w oxide catalyst for the selective conversion of propylene to propylene oxide with molecular oxygen. R. Bal, S. Ghosh, S. S. Acharyya, B. Sarkar, R. K. Singha, C. Pendem, World patent no. WO 2013098855A1. [HTML​​​​​] ​Catalyst for single step conversion of glycerol to acrylic acid and process for the preparation thereof. R. Bal, B. Sarkar, R. K. Singha, C. Pendem, S. S. Acharyya, S. Ghosh, US patent No. US2014128632-A1. [HTML​​​​​] ​Coke resistant solid catalyst, process for the preparation thereof and a process for vapour phase dry reforming of methane. Bal, B. Sarkar, R. K. Singha, S. Ghosh, S. S. Acharyya, C. Pendem, US patent No. US 20140145117 A1. [HTML​​​​​] ​Catalyst for Selective Dehydrogenation / Oxidative Dehydrogenation Reactions and Process for the Preparation Thereof. R. Bal, B. Sarkar, R. K. Singha, S. Ghosh, S. S. Acharyya, C. Pendem, US patent No. US 20140128653 A1. ​Process for the preparation of nanocrystalline pt-ce oxide catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of phenol and its derivatives. R. Bal, B. Sarkar, R. K. Singha, R. Goyal, S. Das, C. Pendem, S. S. Acharyya, S. Ghosh, A. Bordoloi, US patent No. US 20150080614 A1. [HTML​​​​​] ​Ni-MgO-ZnO catalyst for activation of methane and a process for the preparation thereof. R. Bal, R. K. Singha, B. Sarkar, C. Pendem, A. Bordoloi, US patent no US20160059217A1. [HTML​​​​​] ​An improved process for the production of syngas by oxy-dry refroming of natural gas over bimetallic catalyst. R. Bal, B. Sarkar, R. Goyal, L. N. S. Konthala, C. Pendem, A. Bordoloi, US patent no US20170043324A1. ​An improved metal sulphide catalyst for the slurry hydrocracking of the refinery resid., K. Nagaraja , R. Ravishankar, B. Sarkar, G. Valavarasu, P. V. C. Rao and N. V. Choudary, World patent on WO2017001964A1. [HTML​​​​​]
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