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We at the Catalytic Depolymerisation lab working on exciting problems and trying to make the world sustainable through the applications of alternative feedstocks and the production of green and bio-compatible petrochemicals

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Propane Dehydrogenation

  • In-house development of Pt-free catalysts and their evaluation in fixed-bed reactors

  • Process optimisations and catalyst deactivation studies

Renewable Aromatics from Tree-Borne Oils

  • Production of bio-BTX and development of catalysts

  • The utilisation of various non-edible feeds such as Neem oil, Jatropha oil, Sapium oil

  • Waste cooking oil to low-carbon petrochemicals

Waste Plastic De-polymerisation

  • Catalytic pyrolysis of various plastics ranging from HDPE to high-grade plastics

  • Benchmarking and waste plastic conversion to petrochemicals

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